SIP Gateways

Our Flexible SIP Gateway products are perfect for small, medium and large offices, call centers and call shops.

We have certified a complete line of SIP Gateways. These certified Broadband VoIP Phone devices feature our superior sound quality, easy web-based configuration, and rich functionalities. No computer is required to make VoIP calls.

SIP Gateways
AudioCodes MediaPack FXS
AudioCodes MediaPack FXS Series By AudioCodes
AudioCodes MediaPack FXS Series | By AudioCodes
The MediaPack Analog Media Gateway is cost-effective and uses cutting-edge technology solutions, based on AudioCodes top of the line VoIP technology. It is fully compliant with the SIP protocol and well-suited for commercial VoIP use.

The MediaPack series Analog VoIP Gateways supply excellent voice technology and are suitable for connecting analog telephones, fax equipment or PBX systems with IP-telephony networks.

Available in 4/8 ports models.
Claro-30 Series
AClaro-30 Series By IP Gear
AClaro-30 Series | By IP Gear
The Claro family is great solution for use with existing telephony networks. Without PBX customizations and without the expense of additional lines or voice cards, it provides a complete integrated solution.The Claro series will provide superb audio quality in an easy-to-install and maintain affordable solution; the Claro has instant access to PSTN at any time. Moreover, Voice quality is optimized through unique algorithms that boost Quality of Service to assure a stable clarity. Just plug the PBX trunk (PRI E1/T1, BRI or analog lines) into one side of the Claro gateway, the PSTN Central Office lines into the other, and then configure the gateway to the deltathree IP network and your customer can start placing calls. Available in 4/8 ports models.
BosCom FXS V Series
BosCom FXS V Series By IP Gears
BosCom FXS V Series | By IP Gears
The BosCom FXS Gateways create a superior converged voice/data communication network that offers dramatic cost savings and remote connectivity throughout an organization. Distinguished by toll quality voice performance, ease of installation. and multiple levels of built-in security options, the FXS V-Series gateways provide a supplemental telephony solution to the resident telephony network, enabling toll bypass and extension of PBX functionality to remote offices.

All units have numbering plan support compatible with the Claro Gateways, SIP-supported devices and other SIP-gateways.

Available in 4/8/16 ports models.