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White Label

deltathree's Hosted consumer VoIP Solution is ideal for any companies looking to add Consumer VoIP to their product lines. Over a decade of VoIP telephony expertise and experience working with the world's largest service providers have made us the global leader in offering private-label VoIP solutions for service providers like you.

Our solution enables you to build, customize and rapidly launch direct to consumer VoIP products, such as our Mobile Application, PC Dialer and Video Phone, with minimal risk and investment.

Relying on our comprehensive set of back-office components, you can focus on your sales and marketing efforts, while leaving the development and deployment to us.

Network & Telephony
Access one of the world’s most advanced and highest quality VoIP networks. Our home-grown network has years of live traffic, and is scalable to support additional growth reliably.
Network Features:
  • Carrier-grade media gateways
  • Home-grown SIP network
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center
  • 911 & CALEA support
Inbound Service
Provide your customers with a local phone number for inbound calls. Numbers can be assigned automatically from our vast inventory of DIDs or customer can request to port in their existing phone numbers.
DID Inventory
  • Vast range of DIDs
  • Local Number Portability (LNP)
Mobile Application
Supported by most smartphones on the market, our Mobile Application can be rebranded with your logo and branding.
Supported Phones:
  • iOS devices and Tablets
  • Android OS Smartphones and Tablets
Our Flexible billing system provides you with a broad range of pricing features, enabling you to increase profits and broaden you profit offering.
Supported Charges:
  • Monthly recurring charges
  • Per minute charges
  • Extra Services:
  • Full Tax Calculations
eCommerce & Fraud Prevention
Connecting to most major credit cards banks, we combine a powerful eCommerce engine with multiple fraud prevention and risk assessment systems.
  • PCI Compliant
  • Fraud Prevention:
  • Blacklists & Whitelists
  • Automated screening
Website Development
We offer a customizable hosted web experience, including a Learn & Order website and Member Center where you customers can manage their accounts. Or integrate our solution using XML APIs.
  • Order & Registration
  • Member Center
  • Alternative
  • XML APIs
Customer Support
Provide your customers with the highest level of support, service and reliability, using our web-based Customer Service Interface and trouble ticketing system.
Customer Care Tools:
  • Customer Service Interface
  • FAQ templates
  • Automated system-triggered emails
Keep track of every aspect of your VoIP solution, through OLAP, customized reports or periodic raw data transfer.
Data Feeds:
  • Finance & Billing Reports
  • Call Records
  • Tax Information
  • Bank Reconciliations

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